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  • Company name / Name: GreenSite International Inc.
    Address: Öntő street 30., Szombathely, 9700, Hungary
    Phone number: +36304148082
    Email address:
    Shop name: B2B Shop
    Tax number: 23928787-2-18
    EU VAT number: HU23928787
    Bank account number: HU92 1209 4507 0155 9412 0010 0006
    Contact person name: GreenSite International Inc.
    Contact person´s phone number: +36304201887
    Contact person´s e-mail address:
    Name of bank: Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.
    Bank address: 1054 Budapest Akadémia utca 6.
    The minimum order amount is Net 99.00 €!
  • » GLS - EU3 (transit time: 3-5 working days)
    Total product weightShipping cost
    0 kg7.99 kg29.34
    8 kg34.99 kg46.20
    35 kg69.99 kg92.40
    70 kg104.99 kg138.60
    105 kg139.99 kg184.80
    140 kg174.99 kg231.00
    175 kg209.99 kg277.20
    210 kg244.99 kg323.40
    245 kg279.99 kg369.60
    280 kg314.99 kg415.80
    315 kg349.99 kg462.00
    350 kg999.99 kg587.40
    1 000 kg1 999.99 kg1 173.48
    2 000 kg 1 760.22
    » Personal receipt at our company
    Shipping costFree!
  • » By Advance (No Treatment Cost)
    You can settle your order by transferring the order to HU92 1209 4507 0155 9412 0010 0006 IBAN. The order will commence after the bank transfer is credited. Please note that the order is paid for 3 working days from the date of delivery. Thereafter, we can not guarantee the availability of the ordered products from the kit.

    Bank name: Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.
    Bank Address: 1054 Budapest Akadémia utca 6.
    » PayPal, credit card payment (+ 5% handling fee)
    With this payment method, we will redirect your PayPal system to the buyer. You can use your credit card or existing PayPal account to settle your account. In any case, bank card data must be entered on the PayPal page, so under no circumstances will they access the merchant. Accepted bank cards: Visa (including some Electron cards), EC / MC embossed cards.
    This payment method has a 5% handling fee that is automatically added to the total amount of your order.
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